New Sweax Underarm Liners™ for men and women are highly-absorbent, ultra-thin underarm liners that adhere directly and invisibly to your clothing, eliminating visible sweat marks, leaving you dry, comfortable and content all day long!



Distinctive Shape – allowing for movement without restriction, so the liner does not move out of position.

Ultra Thin White Colour – ensuring Sweax is non-visible and discreet.

Specially Formulated Adhesive – ensuring the underarm liner will never fall out of your blouse, shirt or dress, but engineered so that it can easily be removed without ruining your clothing.

Highly Absorbent – ensuring long-lasting protection giving you sweat-free confidence all day long.

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Protect your shirts with our underarm and collar liners

Australia is a continent of sweltering summers, where scorching days and heat waves can put pressure on our physical forms, making it difficult for us to stay cool and hydrated.  In times of blistering weather, it is vital that we all know how to plan for days when the temperature is increased and during heat generated conditions.  For those who perspire excessively, it is almost impossible to avoid sweaty armpits when the hot weather is mixed with humidity.  In some circumstances, deodorants and antiperspirants cannot handle the excessive moisture, especially when it comes to armpits.  This is because our under arm area encompasses two kinds of sweat glands; the apocrine sweat glands and the eccrine sweat glands.  If the eccrine sweat gland is over-active, armpit excretion increases.  The apocrine sweat gland produces a thick, milky secretion, which generates a strong body odour if it comes in contact with bacteria on our skin.  This can create a distressing and unpleasant state of affairs.

We all lead busy lives and we all undertake a variety of activities each day, whether it be going to work, exercising at the gym, cooking over a hot stove or playing sport with our children.  These actions can cause us to perspire excessively and that is not pleasant.  Perspiration can be uncomfortable and embarrassing.  No one wants to feel hot and clammy and no one wants wet patches on their clothes; or to smell sweaty when others are around.  We all want to look and feel comfortable and self-assured.  In hot weather, it can be almost unachievable to be able to wear your favourite clothes without the tell-tale perspiration spots that are associated with high temperatures.  Perspiration can create substantial challenges for both men and women.  Although perspiring is a normal part of our existence and allows us to stay cool when the temperature rises, we all wish it was less imposing and more tolerable.

If you are acquainted with this familiar issue, you may want to consider using Sweax underarm liners for men and women.  Sweax underarm sweat shields will give you the support and dependability you need to get through your day with confidence and in comfort.  There are many benefits in using a Sweax Underarm Liner.  The under arm liners have a distinctive contour, allowing for unhindered movement, which means your armpit liners will not shift out of position.  Sweax sweat liners are made of a white, ultra-thin material, making them invisible to others.  We use a specially formulated adhesive that guarantees the liners will stay securely fixed to your clothing.  They can be easily detached without damaging your clothes.  Our underarm sweat pads for men and women are super-absorbent and ensure long-lasting protection, while delivering perspiration-free confidence all day, every day.